A Fish For Mr Walrus

Mr. Walrus gets a fish with a bow on it! – continuing the holiday shenanigans.


Red Marionette - Kelli Christensen

Red Marionette – Kelli Christensen


So Tuesday I got an awesome little present from my good friends Kyle and Kelli from Florida. Kelli runs http://www.etsy.com/shop/redmarionette where she makes freaking AWESOME things from felt and fabric. Well just so happens that she sent me 4 of my own little felt walrus ornaments!!

Opening the Awesomeness!

Opening the Awesomeness!

Four happy walrus relaxing on a tree!

Four happy walrus' chillin on a tree!

Just hanging around! Ha.

Just hanging' around! Ha.

Thank you so much Kelli & Kyle! You guys rock .. and they’re happy on their tree :)

Again! .. that link is >> http://www.etsy.com/shop/redmarionette << check her out her merch!



- bd

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  1. Kyle

    No problem buddy =)

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