Holiday Muffin Time

So here comes the festive holiday shenanigans!

First up.. a Muffin .. with a Santa hat. (It’s actually just icing on top of said muffin)

Also .. These things are muffins.. not CUPCAKES… I know they look similar to the un-trained eye.. but trust me. You’d know a cupcake when I drew it. But because I haven’t drawn one yet.. you don’t know. So .. There.

So today I got an awesome little present from my good friends Kyle and Kelli from Florida. Kelli runs where she makes freaking AWESOME things from felt and fabric. Well just so happens that she sent me 4 of my own little felt walrus ornaments!!

Opening the Awesomeness!

Opening the Awesomeness!

Four happy walrus relaxing on a tree!

Four happy walrus' relaxing on a tree!

Just hanging around! Ha.

Just hanging' around! Ha.

Thank you so much Kelli & Kyle! You guys rock .. and they’re happy on their tree :)

Again! .. that link is >> << check her out her merch!


Also as I’ve just uploaded the rest of December ( before launch). I’m saddened by the fact that Comic-Press can’t handle posting more than one comic a day.. So if I want to show all the post-its I’ve done I’m going to have to scatter them out. It sucks for the old ones I did .. because now they don’t fall on the days’ they were done (or even in the same week) But should be good for future ones as I can start building some padding! Woooo. As this slowly comes together I think it’s gonna be awesome. I’m also toying with the idea of scanning in all of the post-its I’ve made and building a cleaner template.. but I first would have to find the time.

Also next week I’ll be in New Jersey for Christmas so I’m hoping to have this thing on autopilot .. we’ll see how well that actually works. .. I’ve got some time to test it.

- bd

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