The Surly Muffins

But.. They’re MUFFINS! .. uggh.

Surprise! Monday’s are going to be special, because they suck. I’ve been thinking of what I’m going to call my special Monday segment. Maybe ‘I remember this one time’ or .. ‘the Archives’ or something gimmicky enough to be neat, but not enough to make me gag. Side note – THIS TOTALLY HAPPENED! (also going to be the theme of Mondays)

Some people aren’t ready to accept the bountiful awesome that is the ‘Muffin’ joke and it makes me cry.

There should be a post-it to accompany today’s comic made sometime ..


- bd

** I would like the record to show that today .. I am, yet again, an idiot. /facepalm **

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  1. ]ES[ JustinSCF ]GAD[

    I am absolutely loving all of this. I will be bookmarking this website and I am looking forward to more comics. I will be spreading the word. If I had a great name for the Special Monday segments, I’d let you know what it was…But I don’t

  2. Doug "Agent X" Garrison

    Totally have had this happen before…the talking muffin part not the lame part I mean. That muffin was my best friend until 10 seconds later I ate him. Boy was he tasty. I miss him :(

  3. Wei-Ling


  4. Wei-Ling


  5. Daniel M. Clark

    Awesome. I have a folder that I open every night in my browser that contains the Houston Chronicle comics page, Hijinks Ensue, Dog Eat Doug, Something Positive, xkcd, and now Walrus Times. Keep ‘em coming, bro.

  6. Kevin Savage

    You sir, are my hero.

  7. Alisa

    <3 this site. Oh and I vote that you start calling it "Muffin Monday" ^_^

  8. Jory

    WOOOOOOOOOOT!!! I LOVE IT! Bookmarked on the phone, lappy, and home pc…

    Keep em coming!

  9. Steven Edsall

    Beautiful. F’n beautiful.

  10. Elissa

    Awesome :D You Sir = win.

  11. Brian whitmire

    love all of this Brandon. you talented little weasel…..

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