Old Man McCleo

This was part of an actual conversation I had w/ a coworker. It doesn’t make much sense out of context .. but we were talking about teeth problems and not being able to chew and something about rocks. It was funnier at the time. LAUGH CLOWN! LAUGH. eh yeah.

So I just found 37 post-its that I didn’t upload. Awesome. They’re from back before this was started.. So here’s the question I pose to you. Would you like August to be the month of flash-back post-its .. or should I post them only on the weekends and have new ones for week days? I’ll let you decide. So .. don’t screw it up.

- bd

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  1. 7w34k

    Each week it gets topsy turvy! Do a flash back week, then a week of new ones, then a flash back week, yeah… you get the point.

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