Baby GaDzooky

Today’s post-it is a throw back to an old drawing I did for a site called ‘Sketch Theatre’ back in Sept’ 08. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to draw two to three little drawings for them while I was helping set up the Osmosis show at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood.  One of them was a drawing of two skeletons dancing at a ‘Skully Dance’ (see after break) – which was picked to be shown on Halloween! And I had my second one posted on December 2nd 2009. I just found out about it today. Here’s a direct link!

Sketch Theatre - Brandon Dicks - Drawing 2

Sketch Theatre Link! (Same as image just in case) (Link to Halloween drawing)

- bd

There are pictures from the Osmosis show up on my blog.

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  1. Jerry

    Haha, totally makes me think Bubble Bobble but then my warped mind switches it to Cody 2 from Frisky Dingo lol.

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