In Lieu Of A Comic

As you can tell .. there is supposed to be a comic here today. Unfortunately, work has been very busy and as we’re at the final push for Star Trek Online (plug plug) .. so, sorry that there’s no new comic today. But I do have to show you is still pretty neat. Or, at least I think it is. It’s a painting I started back in 2008 (time warp dance) back when I had my gallery. When I was moving thing around last weekend I found the less than half finished painting and decided to finish it. So while watching Joe’s Apartment I set upon the task of remembering how to paint. Which was pretty hilarious. Anyway, I’ll post better pictures up on my blog sometime, or maybe even here. Either way, Enjoy this little bit of monkey madness on this monday.

- bd

There are more on the way too.

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  1. Kyle Christensen

    Holy crap I was there for this! Well… there as in yelling at you over teamspeak to turn down Joe’s Apartment anyway.

    Still Counts.

  2. matt smith

    Dang straight dude, tear it up and start painting again. I still have the bloody skull knife guy hanging in my studio! :)

  3. Brandon

    Oh I plan on it. I’ve got to get more art panels, I like the size and texture. Plus they work with an 8.5/11 frame. – bd

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