I can’t hold it!

This is an old post it. Makes me sad that I didn’t use it earlier. There have been some t-shirts made like it. I guess the hive-mind decided cloud pee jokes were funny and I was late to the station. Oh well. At least he isn’t smug about it. Stupid cloud peed on me.

- bd

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  1. Brandon

    Also .. turns out that I forgot to update the time zone for this thing. I guess the Wordpress doesn’t automagically set for daylight savings.. Anyway .. it now should upload at midnight pacific time from now on.. Instead of at 3 in the morning pacific time for some reason. Though it’d be pretty rad to be able to update this thing from an island in the pacific.

  2. Kyle

    Dude… cloud pee jokes. hilarious.

  3. E-Rice

    Fantastic. Makes me all warm and tingly in the groin region.

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