Sorry, I’ve been a little busy..

Welcome to The Walrus Times. I used to update this thing a lot. And then I got busy and then I forgot. Ever forget? It’s happened to me before. Anyway .. (bad joke was bad) I’ve been scrounging up some of the old art and finally may update this thing. Who knows. Batman really doesn’t even know. Why? Because he’s off suplex-ing super villains and making his ward uncomfortable.

There has been new stuff, paintings and funny stories and over the next month I hope to use them or at least make fun of them.

HUZZAH! – bd

* oh yeah, January 21’st.. jeez it’s been a while. Definitly not like riding a bike or flying a zeppelin, wth.

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  1. Hobbes

    Wow you updated this. Now entertain meh

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