In Lieu Boogaloo

So it turns out after crunch today, I came home and decided to paint. Going through my old designs and getting them on art board. I probably could have gotten it done tonight if I didn’t have to constantly re-mix my paint .. getting back into the swing of it is fun. Anyway, enjoy the partial update. . I should have something good for Friday.

Oh yeah, this painting is called “ReD NES” (or at least till I come up with something better), as it’s my character ReD dressed up as a certain plumber, minus the mustache of course.

- bd

Sketch Theatre - Brandon Dicks - Drawing 2

Sketch Theatre Link! (Same as image just in case) (Link to Halloween drawing)

** I’ve also been messing with the ‘moods’ .. maybe I’ll get more sometime soon. But for now, a little version of me ablaze is kinda funny. – bd

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  1. Kyle Christensen

    Looking good duder!

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